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Dendi Güiquipeya
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This should be moved to namespace 4 so that the name of the article is with Güiquipeya:Embahá . Carsrac 21:35, 28 Mayu 2008 (UTC)

Done. Thank you! Better 17:09, 29 Mayu 2008 (UTC)

Racibórz[eital coigu]

Hi. Can somebody write an (at least ;] ) short stub about my city (Racibórz) on your Wikipedia? Many thanks for anyone who could do that :) Olos88 05:10, 22 Húliu 2009 (UTC)

Fundraiser 2010[eital coigu]

2010 Fundraising Is Almost Here[eital coigu]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

Hello Wikipedians, my name is Kelly and I am working for the Wikimedia Foundation during the 2010 Fundraiser. My job is to be the liaison between the Estremeñu community and the Foundation. This year's fundraiser is intended to be a collaborative and global effort; we recognize that banner messages which may perform well in the United States don't necessarily translate well, or appeal to international audiences.

I'm contacting you as I am currently looking for translators who are willing to contribute to this project by helping translate and localize messages into Estremeñu and suggesting messages that would appeal to Estremeñu readers on the Fundraising Meta Page. We've started the setup on meta for both banner submission, statistical analysis, and grouping volunteers together.
Use the talk pages on meta, talk to your local communities, talk to others, talk to us, and add your feedback to the proposed messages as well! I look forward to working with you during this year's fundraiser. If someone could translate this message I would really appreciate it so that everyone is able to understand our goals and contribute to this year's campaign. Thanks!Klyman 20:11, 20 Otubri 2010 (UTC)

Lois Pereiro[eital coigu]

Hola a todos. En la Galipedia estamos realizando un pequeño proyecto para dar a conocer este poeta gallego que será homenajeado en el Día das Letras Galegas de este año. Si alguien quiere ayudarnos con esta idea se lo agradeceremos. Saludos a todos, --Elisardojm 00:15, 1 Mayu 2011 (UTC)

Aviso sobre WLM[eital coigu]

Hola, nos han pedido en la lista de correo de WLM que pongamos un recordatorio (aqui en castellano) del proyecto en las tabernas de las wikis. Si os parece bien lo podéis traducir y poner en la taberna. Cuando haya más noticias iremos avisando. Muchas gracias y un saludo, --Elisardojm 01:19, 20 Mayu 2011 (UTC)

Language support group for Extremaduran[eital coigu]

The Wikimedia Foundation has brought together a new team of developers who are dedicated to language support. This team is to support all the languages and consequently it is not realistic to expect that the team members can provide proper support for your language. It is for this reason that we are looking for volunteers who will make up a language support team.

This language support team will be asked to provide us with information about their language. Such information may need to be provided either to us or on a website that we will indicate to you. Another activity will be to test software that will likely have an effect on the running of the MediaWiki software. We are looking for people who clearly identify their ability. Formal knowledge is definitely appreciated.

As much of the activity will be concentrated on translatewiki.net, it will be a plus when team members know how to localise at translatewiki.net. Thanks, Gmeijssen 13:47, 22 Otubri 2011 (UTC)

Correct name of category[eital coigu]

Hi. There is the article - Escultura. Also there is the category - Category:Escurtura. Is the category's name correct? Thanks. --Averaver (talk) 18:04, 30 Húniu 2012 (UTC)

Ayuda para los interesados en editar en extremeño[eital coigu]

Soy castellano, pero estoy interesado en editar varios artículos en extremeño. Sin embargo, tengo muchas dudas, un manual de vocabulario y gramática sería de gran utilidad. Espero que me escuchéis y hagáis realidad mis peticiones. Saludos. --Humberto del Torrejón (talk) 01:32, 17 Hebreru 2013 (UTC)

Extremaduran is missing[eital coigu]

Extremaduran is missing from this page:
More than 100 languages are now listed.
Thank you, Varlaam (caraba) 06:13 24 Ene 2016 (UTC)