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Dendi Güiquipeya
(Rederigíu dendi Usuario caraba:WikitanvirBot)
The purpose of this user page is to point you to the right direction where you can contact me in need. Please do not leave your message here, otherwise in most cases, they will not be noticed in time and eventually be removed.

However, you are encouraged to contact me or say hello. :-)

Please note that I can communicate in either Bangla or English. My apologies for not knowing your language.

If you prefer to leave me a message, please choose any of the following talk pages I maintain frequently.

If you have something to say to me in private, e-mail is a good option.

  • If you are logged in to your Wikimedia account you can probably e-mail me by clicking here.
  • Otherwise, you can e-mail me directly to Wikitanvir at

Finally, if you are interested to know about my work or myself, they can be found on my Meta-Wiki user page.

Su bot en ext.wikipedia / Your bot on ext.wikipedia[Editá'l códigu]

  • (español): Querido operador de robot. Nos dirigimos a Vd. en tanto que dispone de una cuenta de robot autorizada en este proyecto y que lleva mucho tiempo inactiva. Se ha propuesto en el Güiquipeya:El Seranu#Bots_inactivos la retirada de los permisos de los robots inactivos por un tiempo. No obstante, antes de llevar a cabo esta tarea, creemos que resulta conveniente preguntarle si desea conservar el permiso del robot para tareas en el futuro, en cuyo caso el permiso le sería mantenido. Le agradeceríamos que nos lo hiciese sabe antes del 1 de marzo de 2017 en la página que le indico. En todo caso, quiera o no mantener su bot con "flag", le agradecemos sus contribuciones y esperamos volver a verle pronto. Un saludo, -- MarcoAurelio.
  • (English): Dear bot operator. We are contacting you because you have a flagged bot in this proyect but has since long being inactive. We've proposed at our local village pump, Güiquipeya:El Seranu#Bots_inactivos, that all bot flags be removed from inactive bots. However, before going ahead and performing that task, we'd like to kindly ask you if you wish to keep the flag for any reason, so we can exclude your bot from the removal list. We'd appreciate if we could receive an answer before 1 March 2017 in the village pump page. In any case, we would like to thank you for the work you've done here and hope to see you soon. -- MarcoAurelio.

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